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Vertical Single Cell IGF Units

Vertical Single Cell Induced Gas Flotation Units

Vertical Single Cell Induced Gas Flotation Units

Gas flotation is a unique method of separating insoluble oil and suspended solids from process water streams. Natural gas, entrained in the produced water, is liberated in the form of fine gas bubbles into the untreated inlet water stream by circulating through a single Venturi eductor. The highly gasified influent water enters the vessel through specially designed gas-liquid diffusers located in the lower section of the vessel. The gas bubbles rise to the surface carrying impurities for removal via an automatic skim process.

Accelerated offers single-chamber Vertical Induced Gas Flotation units for treating produced oil field water in a unique design which incorporates an external liquid-gas eductor and proprietary distribution headers. The Accelerated Vertical IGF units offer a smaller footprint and higher efficiency, and are commonly used in offshore applications. Accelerated guarantees the performance levels of its IGF units up to 98% removal of insoluble hydrocarbons and suspended solids.

The Accelerated Vertical IGF units have low operating and maintenance costs because there are no internal moving parts, as found in other designs which incorporate belt driven aeration mechanisms and motorized wiper assembles to adjust and maintain.

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