Vertical Multi-Stage Process Pump

The Accelerated FisherPump team's VS-1 Turbine Pumps are heavy duty single casing pumps designed to meet or exceed international standards developed by API-610, ANSI, Hydraulic Institute, and NFPA-20; and are available UL listed & FM approved for fire protection.

We design and deliver unitized systems that include the pump, driver, controls, piping and instrumentation. We design and develop our pumps with your needs in mind including local site environment, maintenance and quality.

For example, the Accelerated FisherPump's Single Stuffing box and Spacer Coupling designs allows for quick seal replacement. Our pump columns are flanged and O-ringed for precision alignment and positive sealing while all machining is performed after welding for guaranteed alignment. Our shaft couplings are available in various threaded or keyed designs. The Accelerated FisherPump team is experienced and knowledgeable regarding a wide range of materials and can work with any specified alloy or coating system.

Our highly trained engineers can help you configure, install, and maintain systems that require Vertical Multi-Stage Turbine Pumps. We also provide replacement parts, maintenance, and repair services to both FisherPump and other brands of installed pumps.