Vertical Multi-Stage Barrel Pump

High pressure applications and difficult to handle fluids can require a Vertical Multi-stage Barrel Pump.

The Accelerated FisherPump Vertical Turbine Multi Stage Barrel Pump is a heavy duty double casing pump enclosed in a suction barrel. They are engineered to meet or exceed international standards developed by API-610, ANSI, ASME, Hydraulic Institute, and others.

We can deliver unitized systems that include the pump, driver, controls, piping and instrumentation. These pumps are highly effective where there is inadequate system net positive suction head (NPSH) available or there are space constraints which preclude the use of horizontal multi-stage pumps.

They are quite often required for high pressure applications in difficult to handle fluids with applications such as hydrocarbon booster and transfer, liquid propane/LNG, chemical transfer, crude oil, condensate processing, brine injection and cryogenic service.

Our highly trained engineers can help you configure, install, and maintain systems that require Vertical Mutli-stage Barrel Pumps. We also provide replacement parts, maintenance, and repair services to both FisherPump and other brands of installed pumps.