Production equipment must be durable, robust, and economically provide oil and gas for initial sale. Accelerated Process Systems has been providing producers key production equipment for over 36 years. Accelerated's production equipment comes from the same world class facility as all of our other projects. We maintain the same health, safety, and quality procedures which are core to Accelerated business, on our wellhead equipment as we do throughout the shop.

Accelerated Process Systems has a complete line of equipment to handle the wide range of operating conditions seen at the wellhead. We offer solutions for low or high pressure applications, solids removal, vapor-liquid and liquid-liquid separation, filtration, and emulsion treating.

  • Mobile and stationary test separators
  • Production Separators
  • Oil Treaters
  • Gas Production Units
  • Line Heaters
  • Sand Separators
  • Oil / Water Hydrocyclones
  • Particulate and coalescing filter systems
  • H2S Scavenger Systems (solid and liquid)
  • Dehydration systems
  • Produced water management equipment