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Seawater Coarse Filters & Strainers

Seawater Coarse Filters & Strainers

Accelerated’s Twin-Slot automatic backwashing strainer was specifically developed for arduous offshore oil & gas seawater filtration applications. Seawater contains contaminants ranging from silica solids to organic matter and in particular sticky planktons, which, during seasonal planktonic bloom periods are very abundant. In the filtration cycle these sticky planktons along with other debris can bind to the filter screen and become extremely difficult to remove without the use of a high performance backwash system.

The unique design features of the Accelerated Twin-Slot filter also make it ideal for dirty applications such as oily produced water treatment where the presence of oil binds contaminants to the filter screen.

The unique Twin-Slot strainer is a very flexible design which incorporates a slotted backwash collection head that backwashes only a very narrow section of the slotted wedge wire filter screen at any one time. This is unlike conventional industrial candle filters, for example, which try to clean one or more complete basket screens at the same time giving a much lower cleaning force per unit area than the unique Twin-Slot design.

The Twin-Slot filter screens are housed inside one or more pressure vessels, which can be designed to any pressure vessel code such as ASME VIII, PD 5500, EN 13445, AD Merkblatter or Stoomwezen. The pressure vessel housings are available in a wide range of materials including lined carbon steel, SS316/316L, duplex, super duplex, but alternative materials such as 254 SMO and titanium are also available.

Our highly trained engineers can help you configure, design, install, and maintain your filtration systems. We also provide replacement parts, maintenance, and repair services.

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