Products: Produced Water

The physical and chemical properties of produced water are not consistent from one application to another. Variation depends on factors such as reservoir geology, hydrocarbon composition, geographical location, and water injection history. Produced water can contain contaminants that require removal before proper disposal or reuse. Some of the impurities or substances likely to be found in produced water include: oil and other hydrocarbons, sand, dissolved salts, CO2 (carbon dioxide) and H2S (hydrogen sulfide) gases, production chemicals, and various metals.

Due to increasing environmental awareness and regulations, disposal to surface waters or evaporation ponds are becoming less prevalent. The treatment of produced water will differ according to the intended disposal method or reuse purpose. Filtration, cyclonic separation, flotation, and evaporation are among the commonly used treatment techniques. Post-treatment, there are a number of options available for disposal or reuse of the water but each will have different water treatment criteria associated with it.

Accelerated Process Systems manufactures produced water treatment systems using filtration, cyclonic separation, induced gas flotation, induced gas coalescing as well as custom systems designed by others. Contact us to find the right solution for your produced water re-use or disposal.