Pressure Regulation

In many applications, pressure reduction & regulation is required. For example in a gas distribution system the gas pressure will start in the pipeline above 1,000 psig and end up at a plant or at a residence at a pressure as low as 15 inches of water column. Pressure regulating and reducing skids are packaged systems essential gas pipelines, power generation, steam production and many other applications that require a regulated source of gas.

Accelerated Process Systems' engineers are experts in designing the right pressure control and reduction processes. In addition to the standard worker-monitor configuration, we also offer JT skids, which also remove heavier hydrocarbons like butane, pentane, hexane, and heavier hydrocarbons by utilizing the Joule-Thomson effect. These skids simultaneously reduce the water dewpoint of gas, recover valuable hydrocarbon liquids and lowers the BTU (British Thermal Unit) heating value of the gas stream to sales contract specifications or levels suited for high-speed engines.

Let our engineers work with you to find the most reliable system to meet your gas specification needs.