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Nutshell Filtration Systems

Nutshell Filtration Systems

Nutshell Filtration Systems

Nutshell filters are the industry standard for process water filtration and polishing. The filters incorporate a deep bed of walnut shell media, specifically modeled and designed for high-efficiency oil & solids removal.

Accelerated offers the next generation of automated; self-cleaning granular media filters with a unique design that outperforms any other technology. Accelerated guarantees complete fluidization of the nutshell bed and contaminants during backwash. No other technology can guarantee this level of media regeneration. We utilize a proprietary design, incorporating a mixer and wedge wire screen assembly that allows for increased flow rates and efficiencies versus traditional pump design nutshell filter systems.

The filter design has been selected as the best available technology in most produced water filtration applications, and has been utilized to remove oil and grease, as well as suspend solids from a variety of oilfield, chemical plant, and refinery water streams.

Our highly trained engineers can help you configure, design, install, and maintain your filtration systems. We also provide replacement parts, maintenance, and repair services.

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