Modular Process Skids

Modular Construction Greatly Reduces Client Logistical Issues

Swiss based, Biazzi, SA needed a pre-erected, fully equipped hydrogenation plant for a customer in Southeast Texas. A standard module would not fit the needs of the client because of needed conformity to the Biazzi standards of safety, reduced project risks, most economic and ergonomic plant qualifications and shortest time to project completion.

Accelerated Process Systems has a proven ability to engineer, design and build large modular equipment packages and interconnected modules for process plants of various sizes. State-of-the-art design and drafting techniques make modular fabrication the preferred approach over field constructed equipment for plant owners, OEMs, and engineers.

Most process plants can be designed, fabricated, assembled, and installed in modular form. The size and complexity of the configured products determine whether the package is delivered as single or multilevel skids, or as an array of skidded modules interconnected in the field.

Modular construction provides better up-front control and fewer built in problems. It is a simpler, more effective approach, which can greatly reduce overly complicated logistics associated with:

  • Large field construction forces
  • Weather delays
  • Security concerns
  • Construction accidents and injuries
  • Stick-built fabrication

Accelerated worked with Biazzi to design, fabricate, pre-test and deliver a modular equipment package that would provide:

  • State-of-the-art design, fabrication and quality.
  • A solution specific for the environment rather than conforming to standard modules.
  • A more economic build due to the production facilities available at Apergy.

Due to the height of the two center modules, and the all welded skid construction, each process module was built in the shop, moved outdoors and erected for a trial fit to assure easy installation in the field.