Midstream - One word that encompasses the largest portion of the oil & gas industry. Even within the industry, midstream refers to different processes and configurations depending if you are referring to oil, gas, or natural gas liquids. In the oil industry, midstream refers to transportation and storage of crude oil after the wellhead and before the refinery. Transportation of crude oil consists of trucks, rail, ship, and pipeline. Each method has unique loading, off-loading and distribution equipment.

For the natural gas industry, midstream typically consists of gas purification, compression and pipeline distribution to utility companies. In recent years, with the introduction of modern drilling and fractionation techniques, natural gas production has shifted to richer streams containing more heavier components like propane, butane, and other natural gas liquids (NGL). These components have spurred a resurgence in chemical manufacturing in the US. This has also, added an additional level of separation and treatment needed to meet this demand of NGL's.

Accelerated Process Systems has been providing key components to midstream clients for over 30 years. Our systems are known for their build quality and operational flexibility. We work with each client to determine the best configuration for their needs and provide a custom solution that meets or exceeds the processing requirements, safety features, while minimizing maintenance requirements and operating costs.

Apergy provides

  • Dehydration systems
  • TEG
  • Molecular Sieve - Gas Sweetening Equipment
  • H2S Scavenging
  • Amine systems - NGL pump systems - Super Critical CO2 pump systems - Pipeline Equipment
  • Pig Launchers & Receivers
  • Slug catchers - Gas and Liquid Filtration
  • Particulate filters
  • Coalescing filters
  • Carbon filters - 2-Phase and 3-Phase Separators - Field gas conditioning units - Modular process equipment - Balance of plant