Liquid-Liquid Coalescing Filters

When gravity alone does not produce efficient separation of immiscible fluids, using a liquid-liquid coalescer system can improve separation efficiency with a relatively small footprint. Liquid-liquid coalescers can achieve a high separation efficiency, resulting in only a few parts per million (ppm) liquid dispersion in the liquid effluent stream.

Accelerated Process Systems will work with our media partners to design a system that will provide the performance needed. In addition, coalescer systems can be offered as the complete package including the vessel, liquid distributors, the mist eliminator, and vortex breakers. They can be skid mounded with automatic controls to integrate with your existing system.

Benefits of liquid-liquid coalescers

  • Reduce the size of new liquid-liquid separator vessels
  • Improve product purity
  • Reduce downstream corrosion
  • Reduce loss of valuable products such catalyst, amine and glycol
  • Increase capacity of existing drums


  • Removing haze from distillates
  • Product separation after product washing to remove water, salts, and caustic
  • Refinery alkylation processes in main settler and effluent treating system
  • Glycol and amine towers
  • Wastewater treatment