H2S Scavenging Systems

Accelerated Process Systems offers H2S Scavenger systems which can be either a single vessel, vessels in a lead-lag configuration, or an injection and separation system. These systems can be fully automated for ease of operation. Scavengers offer producers and midstream companies a safe and operational alternative to amine treating where H2S is present in gas streams and CO2 is at spec or below.

We offer both liquid scavenger and solid scavenger media type towers. Both are designed to eliminate H2S through an irreversible chemical reaction. With EPA regulations continuing to reducing allowable emissions, the use of H2S Scavengers is becoming more and more common. Our skid based units are mobile and provide flexibility in smaller locations.

Our team of process engineers provides consulting services to analyze which type of process will be the most economical and effective in the removal of H2S. Due to the highly reactive nature of H2S, normal lab gas analyses can be inaccurate. For this reason, we recommend H2S testing be conducted on-site. Our filed service team can gather H2S data safely and accurately on site. Accurate levels of H2S are essential to accurately design your equipment and determine run time between media change outs.

Accelerated works with vendors and end users that have already selected a treatment option to provide the most cost effective design for equipment. In addition, Accelerated can work directly with media vendors to determine the best approach to your application.

Please contact us today with your application.