Products: Gas Conditioning

Gas conditioning systems are used to treat combustion turbine and engine fuel gas, as well as process & treat wellhead gas prior to transmission & distribution. In gas turbine applications, conditioning of natural gas is critical because it increases the longevity and performance of the turbine. In pipeline applications, conditioning of natural gas is required to meet stringent pipeline specifications for transmission of the treated gas to market.

Gas conditioning systems enhance fuel gas quality by eliminating condensate, filtering particulates, regulating pressure and controlling the temperature. Untreated gas can cause premature combustion component distress, erosion of components, and nozzle plugging.

Accelerated offers standard and custom designed systems to meet the requirements of each application, including fine filtration, coalescing filtration, process heating, pressure regulating, J-T gas conditioning, and cooling. Most systems modular, skid mounted, with instrumentation and controls for local or remote operation.

Our experienced staff provides modular, cost effective solutions for every application using simulation software and 3-D modeling. Each project is assigned a dedicated team.

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