Free Water Knock Out (FWKO)

Accelerated Process Systems provides top-quality free water knockout (FWKO) vessels or packaged systems for economically removing water from produced fluid streams. Primarily used when large volumes of water are present, our FWKO drums offer low velocity flow rate and an ample oil water interface area to achieve maximum free water separation. The separation efficiency is dependent upon retention time, the density differential between fluids, presence (or absence) of slugging flow, as well as other factors. With a properly designed FWKO, the effective water load is reduced on downstream equipment and can allow for smaller more cost effective crude oil conditioning equipment.

Free water knock out drums can be designed in either a horizontal or vertical orientation, and to owner specifications. Designs inlude both low- and high-pressure options.

Our experienced team of engineering and fabrication professionals will deliver your free water knock out vessel to your exact specifications. We bring in-depth knowledge of FWKO vessel operating principals and decades of oil and gas processing expertise to every project, ensuring safe, reliable operation of your vessel.