Proven, cost-effective technology to maximize production

Producers globally rely on Accelerated's FisherPump products to meet their challenging production needs; exacting pump specifications along with thorough documentation requirements. FisherPump products have led the industry since 1979 in design, manufacturing, testing, and servicing engineered heavy-duty pumps and pump packages to meet the most rigorous requirements for offshore and onshore production sites around the globe.

Our FisherPump team specializes in vertical multi-stage process pumps, vertical multi-stage barrel pumps, submersible turbine pumps, and skid packaging solutions including seawater lift and firewater pumps. Our FisherPump products have earned a reputation for unsurpassed quality and details that matter for your project. The pumps are designed for flow-rates up to 12,000 GPM and pressure up to 2160 PSIG.

Every product the FisherPump team designs is custom, so we have the ability to manufacture a wide array of engineered product solutions. Accelerated adheres to the most advanced manufacturing techniques available. By utilizing CAD design, and precision manufacturing and testing, we have total control over every aspect of our products. Our dedicated Quality Control staff ensures that our broad product line adheres to the most demanding quality standards and international industry specifications.