Accelerated Process Systems has provided equipment to refining and chemical manufacturing facilities for over 30 years.

Accelerated has a long history of manufacturing high-pressure, high-temperature vessels, towers, reactors, and filter housings to refining and chemical facilities worldwide. Accelerated can fabricate to most international standards and have weld procedures for most high-alloy and exotic metals, including titanium.

In addition, Accelerated Process Systems can engineer, design, and fabricate process modules, pump skids, and balance of plant equipment skids which can minimize field installation time, cost, and disruption to your facility.

Accelerated Process Systems offers the following products

  • High-pressure, high-temperature equipment
  • Heavy wall vessels (up to 4.5" thick walls)
  • Towers and Absorbers
  • Reactors
  • High-pressure filter housings for gas or liquid filtration
  • Modular process equipment
  • Pump skids
  • Severe service pumps
  • Custom pumps
  • High-alloy and exotic metal fabrication
  • Pilot systems

If you did not see what you are looking for, give us a call. Our team can build it for you.