Carbon filter systems

Carbon adsorption systems can be used to remove many types of trace contaminants from gas streams. This can include volatile organic compounds (VOCs) to meet emission requirements or removing trace mercury or arsenic from natural gas.

In a regenerative carbon adsorption system, the solvents are adsorbed on activated carbon. When the carbon is saturated, it is regenerated with steam, which is then condensed, making it possible to remove the solvent. Non-water miscible solvents can frequently be reused without further processing. Water miscible solvents can often be distilled and purified to make them suitable for reuse.

Accelerated Process Systems has also provided a range of non-regenerative carbon adsorbers suitable for treating low mass emissions of a wide range of pollutants, from VOCs and hazardous air pollutants and solvents, to odors and hydrogen sulfide. Once the carbon is saturated with the contaminants, the carbon is replaced with new carbon.

Accelerated can design and fabricate a system tailored to your needs. Contact us for more information.